Saturday, May 2, 2015

Military and personal weapons

Should military personnel have to reveal their private ownership of firearms or that of family members?

Members of the military have already lost their Second Amendment rights, because they cannot take firearms onto military posts. This means also that, if they live off-base, they cannot carry them in their vehicles that they drive to work.

But listen to what Bill Whittle has to say about an order given to a Major in Colorado. An order he refused to follow.

And then what happened? He quit. And who replaced him? Someone who will follow the order.

Whittle lays the blame right at Obama's desk. I agree.

How many cops do you know who will refuse to obey an order to confiscate legally-owned firearms from law-abiding citizens? It's easy for a cop to say he would refuse to do so.

Now change the scenario a little. What if your town, village or city passed a law, making it illegal to own firearms? What if the mayor or city manager ordered the police chief to round them up? And what happens when the chief sends his officers out to enforce the new "law"?

By edict or fiat the little puppet in the mayor's chair (or governor or President) can change something from legal to illegal. How long would it take the courts to unwind that action? Are you breaking the law, in the meantime?

Wake up, America!!! You must stop it before it ever happens!

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Big Daddy said...

In absolute honesty, I doubt you will find many Officers willing to go door to door and confiscate firearms. I admit that there are those new guys that drink the kool aid, those that want to keep their "spots" and those that just do not understand what the 2nd says that will participate. But I believe that those numbers are small. Why should we enforce a "law" that is created on the personal beliefs of a politician not what the Constitution says? Especially when one looks at the damage the politicians have done to this country over the years and particularly what they are doing right now. I've been a policeman for over thirty years and I do not know one single policeman that would participate in any confiscation. If any politician feels that strongly about it and wants to create a law authorizing such a thing, then let that politician do the confiscation. We are tired of being thrown under the bus by these guys and will not play along with their games any longer.