Sunday, May 24, 2015

Did Zinke harm DEA investigation?

In an issue that Nygren and Zinke must hope is water over the dam (it's not), Pete Gonigam published an article on last week. It's easy to decide that, despite all the squirming around by the DEA and the FBI and the McHenry County State's Attorney Office, Zinke most likely harmed the DEA investigation by leaking information to Brian Goode, who was a strong financial supporter of Nygren and Zinke.

You can read Pete's May 18, 2015 article here:

Wouldn't it have been nice if Nygren had just done the job that he was being paid nearly $150,000/year to do; i.e., run a clean department? And what about Don Leist? Was he just Nygren's whipping boy and somebody who, in spite of having a law degree, was just being told what to do? One of these days Gonigam will get Leist's 100-page report, and then the world will know the truth.

And why doesn't the new Sheriff in town, Bill Prim, just release Leist's report? He could, but he seems to be keeping his head down.

The case seems to be that he is not doing anything wrong. Or is it that he's not doing anything, and that's what's wrong!

Too bad that McHenry County doesn't have a stand-up-tall sheriff like Milwaukee County (Wisc.) Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr. Now there's a guy who is in charge and doing a great job.

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