Sunday, May 10, 2015

Colorado BBQ

Two Hispanic men who opened a new restaurant in northern Colorado last month have incurred the wrath of thugs on social media.

Rubbin Buttz BBQ opened in Milliken, Colorado, and the owners announced a White Appreciation Day for June 11.

Their website is down today, "thanks" to heavy attention from cranks. They have also received threats.

If I still lived in Fort Collins or Denver, I'd be right over there to enjoy their ribs or the mouth-watering burger shown online. And to support them and help them stay in business.

Next time you are near Milliken, Colorado, be sure to stop in. It's a small town. You shouldn't have any trouble finding


Big Daddy said...

I'm thinking of flying out there just as a show of support.

Gus said...

Me, too. "Flying" out there on my motorcycle. It's "only" 1,632 miles.