Sunday, May 10, 2015

Freddie Gray's knife

Was Gray's knife legal or illegal? That is the question.

Maryland State's Attorney for Baltimore City Mosby calls it a switchblade knife.

The report of one of the arresting officers describes it as a "spring-assisted" knife.

A CNN report shows a knife that may be like the one that Gray was carrying. If that's type of knife Gray had, then the cops are right (being that the knife is illegal) and Mosby's wrong.

What if Mosby is wrong? What immediate action should be taken against her? Firing her would not be enough, or possible. Actually, as an elected office-holder, she can't be fired. So impeach her and charge her with crimes!

And Baltimore's silly mayor? She is recorded as saying, "I'm asking the Department of Justice to investigate if our police department has indeed been [sic] a pattern or practice of searches, stops or arrests that violate the Fourth Amendment."

Since when does the DOJ provide "consulting services"? What does it mean "to investigate if..."

If officers at the the Baltimore P.D. violated law, prosecute them.

The DOJ shouldn't be wasting assets as consultants. There are plenty of law-enforcement consultants available to advise the Baltimore P.D. and its City Council! Let Baltimore bear the cost, not the U.S. taxpayers!

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