Saturday, May 2, 2015

NYT calls Mosby a "rookie"

One of the most telling sentences in the New York Times article yesterday after "rookie" prosecutor Mosby filed charges, including a murder charge, against six Baltimore cops is:

"Officials had cautioned that it could take considerable time for her office to complete its own investigation and decide whether to prosecute."

When did we lose the day that a decision to accuse also included the decision to prosecute? And that charges were filed only after a proper and complete investigation?

Three of the cops are black; three appear to be white. Did Mosby so quickly file charges and cause the arrest of the six cops in an attempt to avoid more rioting and destruction in Baltimore? At least one radio news reporter mentioned that possibility yesterday.

If it's true (and how do you prove it?), then SHE belongs in jail.

She's a lightweight, like Baltimore's mayor. When you just look at them, you see no "power", no confidence, no experience.

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