Friday, May 29, 2015

Hastert misconduct

When the Feds get around to any $3,500,000 I might (or might not) have paid to an alleged "Individual A", I just hope my lawyers can cut the same deal as Denny Hastert's did, when they got the Feds to withhold a considerable amount of newsworthy information as they sank their teeth into Hastert's backside.

We all know that politicians, especially those from Illinois and Chicago, all hold themselves to the highest standards of honesty and integrity, so Hastert was probably just making some little gifts to someone for whom he felt sorry.


And it's only $3,500,000. What's the big deal?

And those "lies" to the FBI? Maybe it was just a little misunderstanding. Maybe the reports weren't clear. Maybe the sound wasn't good on some of the tapes. Maybe the transcriber made some typing errors.

Is it elder abuse, when the Feds go after a senior citizen?

Now, what really is the deal when the lawyers of a person about to be accused can make any kind of deal with prosecutors??? Do we all wish we could get away with that?


Big Daddy said...

t is good in life he has to deal with this and maybe even jail time if he is convicted. Unbelieveable.

Big Daddy said...

I don't know why the first half of my post didn't make it. I said something to the effect that he allegedly paid all this money to shut someone up and now in his golden years it has all been exposed anyway and now he has to deal with it when he should be enjoying his golden years. His alleged victim however has probably been suffering with this in silence and probably will for a long time.

Gus said...

No doubt that Hastert has been looking over his shoulder and keeping his fingers crossed for many years.

From the news released so far, I was under the impression that all the funny business with the money occurred in the past 4-5 years.

If the sick events happened 40-50 years ago when he was a wrestling coach, the victim has to be up in years now, too.

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