Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What? No Ticket?

As I approached the courthouse for a trial today at about 9:35AM, I walked past a shiny, black Jeep Liberty (license 199 4218) parked squarely in a no-parking zone at the end of a parking aisle near the building.

I couldn't help wondering why the driver parked there and why the car didn't have a ticket on it.

The security guard explained that the parking enforcement is by the Woodstock Police, and I figured they'd circle through the parking lot and issue a ticket. The Jeep was still there at 11:00AM and was still parking "free" in the no-parking zone.

I would have thought the parking lot patrol was handled by the Sheriff's Department, but apparently it's not. So here's my open request to Beat 21 officers: please patrol the parking lots at the McHenry County Government Center. When you first spot a parking violation, just stop and issue the ticket. Parking violations like this are intentional.

If the driver walks up just as you are writing the ticket, let him wait and then hand him the ticket. No passes, please.

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