Monday, November 3, 2008

Voting Place Problems

Thanks to the reader who sent me this NPR link for reporting problems at voting places.

If you observe any irregularities or other problems at your polling place, go to

There's an interactive map there, too, so you can see where the problem places are.

Many thanks to the reader for sending this to me. You know who you are.


Dave Labuz said...

What is the point?

If you have ANY problems or irregularities at the Polling Places, you need to call the State Attorney's office. Period.

What sense does it make to report it after the fact. I was an election judge for 25+ years, and I can tell you - if there's a problem, and you call them, they WILL come and investigate immediately.

I have had credentials flipped open in my face more times than I care to remember. The system works.

What's NPR's point? They state that they will not be reviewing or substanting those complaints made. All it is is the "Sour Grape" board. They encourage complaining, but not doing anything concrete to solve it. Typical!

The State's Attorney does review and substantiate. From my experience, more often than not, the casual presidential year voter is confused and angry, and cannot separate their internalized feelings for actual fact on the ground. I'll take the Lisa Madigan staff's word over the confused and disgruntled tattling to NPR any day of the week.


find the owners manual you fool said...

"Encourage complaining but not doing anything concrete to solve it". I think you've found the guiding principals of this blog.

Unknown said...

yeah...damn that liberal media!!