Sunday, November 2, 2008

Vote on Tuesday!

If you have not voted yet, please make plans to vote on Tuesday. This election has, in my opinion, generated the most attention of any in several years.

The lines may be long; plan ahead. Take water. Take a snack. Based on some reports from around the country, you might even take your lunch; not just a snack. Try to avoid early and late voting. Mid-day may be fastest.

But, whatever time you go, don't get discouraged with the wait. Stick it out.

And, if you know anyone who might have difficulty in getting to the polling place, offer a ride.

You might even take a chair with you, either for yourself or for someone who is having trouble standing for a long time in a line.

I don't yet know how late-arriving voters are accommodated. It could be that if you are in line at 7:00PM, you get to vote. If you arrive at 7:01PM, you missed out. Don't miss out.


Dave Labuz said...

As per my judging days in Cook County:

If you were IN LINE (or through the doors) at 7:00 PM, you voted.

At 7:00 PM, per instructions, we called out in a loud voice: "Hear ye, hear ye, the polls are now closed!"

At that time, the doors to the polling place were locked, and we then remained open until all those in line at that time had completed voting.

We even allowed those rushing across the parking lot to enter before locking the doors - after all, they were our neighbors.

While early voting may help to some degree, it really doesn't overall. The Election Judges often have to take those voting early and absentee (same thing), and CONVERT those votes and those ballots to the ballot style that is acceptable for use IN THAT PRECINCT. This is done by one Democrat Judge and one Republican judge. One judge calls out the vote while the other "marks" it.

In Nunda Township where I vote now, I once used early voting as I would have been away on vacation at that time. While my home precinct uses a fill-in-the-oval marked ballot for scanning, my early vote was registered on a touch-screen. However my vote was printed out for placement in the absentee ballot envelope for my precinct, it would have required 2 judges on election day in my precinct to fill out an optically-scanned ballot for counting.

Unless you will be away on election day, skip early voting! It dumps voting responsibility on attendents in whatever municipal offices that aren't willing to do it. Their finding the proper ballot style for your particular precinct is perilous enough. THAT's why there are long waiting lines for early voting.

And secondly, it's MORE work for the election judges in your precinct! Not only to they have to open, tabulate and deal with your absentee ballot, they then have to personally, MANUALLY, re-vote your actual ballot to conform to that precinct's voting method and style.

These judges are VERY tired - do you want to risk an arror on their part, or do you want it to count for YOUR preferred candidate?

Outside of personal and work conflicts, are you too lazy to actually make time on election day? And if you do vote early, what happens if there is an important, game-changing event PRIOR to election day? As they say, a week is an ETERNITY in an election. If you want to change your vote on election day, and show up in person, if your absentee ballot has already been processed by the election judges, too bad! You've already voted!


Dave Labuz said...

As posted on Mudflats:

>>>> The bad news in the sign department is that an Obama-Biden sign that got stolen and replaced down the street from me, is gone again. But my own sign, is still sticking proudly in its snowbank.

>>>> And remember a while ago, when I found signs hung up over the highway that said, “Obama 4 Change 2 Islamic Law -N- USA”? Well, the perpetrator obviously has nothing but time on his hands, because they’ve started popping up all over town. In actuality this tortured soul with the spray paint, the stencils, and the disregard for the English language has provided a new sport for my spouse.

>>>> Spouse has started a collection, and everytime a sign is seen, the brakes screech, the exacto knife comes out of the glove compartment, and the sign ends up in my trunk. I think that Spouse secretly likes this activity. In any case, we added three new signs to the collection today, which brings the total up to 8.

>>>> This time there was a new development….the name of a website was written on one of the signs. Since it was written in small letters, it’s doubtful that our sign maker intended it to be seen by the passing traffic. It was meant…..for US, the sign taker-downers.

My reply on this site:

> DownByTheRiver (10:02:47) :

>So let me get this straight:

>It’s not OK for someone to take >down “your” signs.

>It’s OK to take down someone >else’s signs, regardless of how >ridiculous they may be.

>Obama is definitely the right >candidate for you, then.

>Good luck on 4 more years of >Jimmy Carter!


More typical Obaman tactics. THEY will determine what you can say. Only THEY will determine what is free speech. True Americans! LOL!


Unknown said...

More of their hypocrisy, definitely shows what they are about. Good job calling them out on that.