Saturday, November 22, 2008

'tis the season

Now's the time to ring that bell, and the next time you hear that bell? Drop in a few dollars.

Outside area businesses for the next month will be the bellringers for the Salvation Army. You'll hear that familiar bell often. Dig down for those coins and, when you open your wallet or purse, let the moths escape and reach for those $1 and $5 bills.

When you make a donation to the Salvation Army, you help others. It's a good feeling!

And you - yes, YOU - can be a bellringer. Call the Salvation Army on Monday to sign up for a two-hour shift. Or longer. Or more than one. In this area call the SA in Crystal Lake at (815) 455-2769.

You may see a red stand and empty bell hook outside a store. This means that no one signed up for that slot. Come on, McHenry County. We can do better than that.

And just because you gave once, does not mean that you cannot give again. Got one of those Gold Coins collecting dust in a bottom drawer. Surprise us all and drop it in.

How much would you like to donate this year? $100? $50? $25? Five bucks in five buckets will be your $25. Or how about $5 in ten buckets AND a check for $50 in #11?

Start today...

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