Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Major Lawsuit Filed Today

A Complaint (major lawsuit) was filed at the Dirksen Federal Building in Chicago today against a large governmental entity in McHenry County.

The plaintiff's attorney is Blake Horwitz, of the law firm Horwitz, Richardson and Baker LLC, located in the Chicago Loop. Horwitz is a nationally-known attorney whose law practice is not limited to Chicago. In one case involving police misconduct, his client was awarded $28,000,000. That's 28 with SIX zeroes!

Details of the case and the name of the police agency named as Defendant will be published tomorrow, after they are served. No use spoiling the fun for them by naming them here right now. Let's just say that they probably know who they are by now. Word travels fast; right?

When the taxpayers hear the details of this case, let's hope they do more than shake their heads. Every part of it could have been stopped well short of a lawsuit. Maybe this will get the attention of the taxpayers and others who are politically influential around here to inspect carefully what is going on in their organizations and to put a stop early to the policies and procedures that are sure to come to light as a result of this lawsuit.

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Gene said...

How much money has Sheriff Nygren spent on his high priced attorneys over the years to get rid deputies like Zane because their not afraid of him and don't kiss his rearend.How many special assignments were taken from Zane when he spoke up. If the Sheriff didn't want to hear about it ,why did he put out the survey. The Sheriff is a bully and a vindictive a$$h8!@.