Monday, October 25, 2010

Youth + texting = crash

The Crystal Lake Police Department issued the following press release:

"On Sunday, October 24th at approximately 1:01 PM, Crystal Lake Police and Fire Rescue Departments responded to the 800 block of Wedgewood Drive in Crystal Lake to a report of a traffic crash involving an automobile that struck a private residence. Upon arrival of emergency responders, it was determined that neither the driver of the vehicle nor the single occupant of the residence had sustained any injuries. A representative of the City of Crystal Lake Building Department also responded to the incident to evaluate the structural integrity of the affected residence.

"In the investigation that followed, it was determined that a 16 year-old female juvenile from Crystal Lake, had been operating a 1998 Lexus ES300 westbound on Country Club Drive. The vehicle then left the roadway at a curve in the road and traveled across a lawn before striking the residence, causing extensive damage to both the vehicle and the structure. It was also determined that the juvenile was improperly using a cellular phone to send and receive text messages just prior to the crash. The juvenile driver of the Lexus was subsequently issued traffic citations for failure to reduce speed to avoid a collision and improper use of an electronic communication device. The juvenile was released to a parent pending prosecution."

Just what part of "dumb" did that kid not understand?

And where is her name? Just because she is 16 is no reason not to publish her name. She has a driver's license (well, "had" a driver's license). Kids today think they are so smart... they are taught not to drive and text; they are taught not to drive while distracted. Then they do it, anyway. ("Well, gee, Dad; I wasn't distracted. I was just texting...")

Dumb, dumb, dumb...


Hank said...

Okay Gus, she received her punishment.
Ever hear of minor protection laws?

By the way....Did you ever find that law regarding emergency light use, I've been waiting.

ellie said...

Speaking as a mature, imformed juvenile, i think you're a dumass(:

Gus said...

ellie, when you do mature, I know you'll be better informed and learn how to spell. But thanks for your comment, anyway.