Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Monday night politics

Last night's forum at MCC, sponsored by the Illinois Policy Institute and the McHenry County Green Party, was a good place to be. After the IPI's first part of the program, the candidates for Sheriff were to take the stage and table tents (name cards) were placed: to the moderator's right were to be seated Keith Nygren, Mike Mahon and me, Gus Philpott.

Then a schedule change was announced, and Don Manzullo and Joe Walsh were bumped to the top of the menu. The table tents for Sheriff were removed.

When the table tents for the candidates for sheriff were returned, the order had changed: Nygren, Philpott, Mahon. "OMG, am I going to have to sit next to Keith?" But I was saved by Mike, who stepped in between Keith and me and took the second seat from the moderator. Actually, I didn't mind being third from the moderator; it put me in the center of the stage. Thanks, Mike!
Check out the websites of the Illinois Policy Institute (http://www.illinoispolicy.org/ and http://www.illinoisturnaround.com/) and of the McHenry County Tea Party (http://www.mchenrycountyteaparty.org/).

Oh, by the way, Jack Franks and Melissa Bean were MIA last night. I had a question ready for Jack about concealed carry. Too bad he chose not to show up.

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