Friday, October 15, 2010

Billboards for Beth Bentley

Beth Bentley, 41, has been missing from Woodstock for nearly 21 weeks now. Many friends and strangers alike are keeping her in mind and in the public view by comments on a Facebook site and through publicity providing by billboards.

Facebook is free; billboards are not.

One of Beth's brothers, Ron Michaelson, who lives in the Phoenix area, will appreciate donations from friends and other interested parties for the sole purpose of paying for billboard advertising.

If you would like to contribute, send your checks, payable to Ron Michaelson, to Ron at P.O. Box 3082, Peoria, AZ 85380-3082. Every contribution, small or large, will be appreciated. Please include your email address or Facebook page name; I'm sure that Ron will want to thank you.

The Woodstock Police continue to maintain a veil of silence in this case. Are they still investigating? The last update posted on the WPD's website is dated June 9th.

Additional information: a posting on Facebook informs readers that advertising on previous billboards ceased for non-payment of rental fees. A person in southern Illinois is donating land for a billboard to be constructed, after permits and construction materials are secured.


mustardmedic said...

why billboards? do you think she is wandering aimlessly and will see them? will they have arrows pointing to her residence or another way for her to get directions??

Gus said...

mustardmedic, I don't have the answer for you. If you are really interested, contact those who are paying for the billboards.

They probably have reason to believe that Beth really did disappear in southern Illinois, say in the Mt. Vernon or Centralia area.

There may be many who don't know she is missing and, upon seeing the billboard, might be able to provide a good tip. If Beth were your wife or sister, what would YOU do?

Just said...

If the worst case scenario occurred, people must understand that during summer temperatures a human body left unprotected will totally decompose in 20 weeks. This is based upon the Tennessee Body Farm experiments and is based upon scientific studies. Bones and skull will remain longer but generally in actually investigations, these remains are carried away by birds and animals. Lets hope SHE is hiding.

Gus said...

Just, for sure, let's hope she is hiding. A month or so ago some readers on FB commented on the hight temperatures in southern Illinois and the approaching hunting season, thinking that hunters might find clues.

Many wonder why Woodstock P.D. has had nothing to say. Surely, they have developed some idea of her fate; either that she really did take off or that she is not living.

iwannaknow said...

Thanks for posting this Gus. Also for letting idiots post too, very nice of you.

iwannaknow said...

Thank you for posting this info Gus. Also thank you for letting idiots post too... I think.