Monday, October 18, 2010

Employment issues still unresolved

Remember Dep. Bob Schlenkert? The deputy who got his job back? The one who was supposed to be paid his back pay, when he got his job back?

Nygren is too busy figuring out a plan to train jailers to slice tomatoes, but he can't find time to hire a bookkeeper to figure out the past-due compensation and write up a pay slip for Bob. I haven't talked to Bob, except to greet him one day in the hallway at the courthouse as we passed. But my understanding is that he hasn't been paid yet.

I guess he'll have to sue Nygren for the backpay that was awarded to him by the arbitrator and upheld by the appeals judges.

Wouldn't you think that the County Administrator would be lowering the hammer on Nygren for stalling? Oh, wait; the Administrator doesn't have any power over the elected Sheriff. No one has any power over him? Not the Merit Commission, whom he appoints. Not the County Board, although they could squeeze him with the checkbook.

And what about Nygren's stalling in putting Zane Seipler back to work. Will Nygren stall to October 28 and then announce an appeal? Or will he not appeal and then malinger longer on putting Seipler back to work and paying him for the two years that he didn't work?

Maybe I'm naive, but I think Nygren just paid Schlenkert (is he back on Patrol yet?) and put Seipler back in a squad car, quite a bit of the anti-Nygren snarling would calm down.

Actually, I need to thank Keith for not doing so. So, "Thanks, Keith." You are keeping the fires at your heels burning brightly. I thank you for that, and I'll bet that Mike Mahon does, too.

Every time a voter passes one of Nygren's signs and reads "Experience counts", he has got to be thinking, "Yep. Experience at stone-walling and running up unnecessary costs!" And those thoughts are costing Nygren votes every day. Yea!!!

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