Monday, March 8, 2010

Texas deputy injured in shooting outside Walmart

An off-duty deputy sheriff was shot and injured in Texas northeast of Dallas on Sunday. The deputy, who was believed to be shopping at Walmart, found himself involved after a man with a long gun and a handgun was chased by local officers in the Walmart parking lot. That man had reportedly fired at least three shots from his car in a town about 12 miles away.

The shooter was killed, and the deputy was transported to a hospital. The full story can be read at

The article doesn't report exactly who fired the shot that injured Delta County Deputy Paul Robertson. One of the most dangerous situations for all law enforcement officers is when a suspect is in the middle of opposite lines of fire. Add to that that the deputy was off-duty and presumably not in uniform. Cops are trained to look beyond the target to avoid shooting bystanders, should their bullets miss the target.

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