Friday, March 19, 2010

More on the range shooting

Earlier this week a deputy of the McHenry County Sheriff's Department was injured at the Department's shooting range off Hartland Road, northwest of Woodstock and across the road from the Valley Hi Nursing Home.

The deputy was apparently new to the SWAT team and was positioned down-range near a target. Supposedly he was standing too close to a metal post holding a target, while shots were fired toward the target. A round struck the metal post or target and fragmented, and one or more pieces of the bullet struck the deputy's leg, causing a wound that bled freely.

While live-fire practice is helpful, such as knowing what happens if you are in a hostage situation and officers are near you and firing at the bad guy(s), important precautions are expected to be taken on firing ranges.

The only way to determine whether this incident and injury were avoidable is a detailed investigation into the entire exercise. All deputies present should be able to speak freely and report fully on what happened. Only then can executives with the Department analyze what errors, if any, occurred.

The first problem with this mess is that today is Friday and apparently the two daily papers in Woodstock don't know about it.

My phone call on Wednesday to the McHenry County Sheriff's Department for information about this incident has never been returned.

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Zane said...

This just keeps getting better.

I laugh and I laugh!!

Think back, it wasn't too long ago that Nygren was never around.

Now he's around all the time and he still can't keep this place under control.

I hear there's some people starting a "FOIA Therapy Group" for Keith.

Anyone who wants to FOIA anything from the Sheriff's Office should seek out this group. They're donating their services.

All FOIA's no matter how ridiculous will be obtained.

Want to know how many miles were put on Squad 506 last year?

How about the price of the blue tumbling mats in the training division?

Anything, you name it.