Monday, March 29, 2010

County Clerk's office - flush with cash

What up with the full-page, multi-color ad from the McHenry County Clerk's office on Page 7A of this morning's Northwest Herald?

Just how much does a full-page color ad cost? Plus the ad lay-out? The County probably gets an advertising discount from the Northwest Herald, but was this ad really necessary?

It wasn't entirely worthless, because I learned that the population of McHenry County in 1850 was 14,971, and the number of votes cast in the 1855 election was 3,143. (There will be a test later.)

And now? The 2007 population of McHenry County was 315,943.

Looking for the McHenry County Clerk online? Go to

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The Madd Bulldog said...

It was black + white (ink) with some of the Deputy Wood's blood (red) to infuse some color. DOH!