Saturday, March 27, 2010

How badly hurt was Deputy Woods? Really!

Some at the McHenry County Sheriff's Department are minimizing the injuries that Deputy Eric Woods incurred at the Department's shooting range. March 15th, wasn't it? Almost two weeks ago? To hear them tell it, it was just a few nicks.

Then the word was that Woods was back at work.

While he may have returned to work for one day, then he didn't go back. Was he told to go in, for a little show-and-tell or to get him off the injured list? A little "face" time at the office?

And today Cal Skinner reports on that Deputy Woods returned to the hospital this past week. McHenry County Blog reports "... the latter part of this week he was back at Centegra’s McHenry hospital."

Was he back as an in-patient or out-patient? Is he still there?

Best wishes to Deputy Woods for a complete recovery and return to duty, without any impairment whatsoever.

It's too bad that Sheriff Nygren has chosen the low road here and to stiff the public on information.

What would have been better? An early press release and a follow-up to the public to explain what happened and what steps would be taken to avoid a recurrence. You'd think he might have learned from the Deputy Anderson off-duty DUI crash in his take-home squad car; that one was only covered up for about four days.

Maybe they'd better hurry with that CALEA manual. It probably covers such matters! Or common sense would do just as well, without spending thousands of dollars on CALEA certification. A big department like MCSD should have had all the written policies in place long before now. What has been going on the past 12 years?


The Madd Bulldog said...

Puleeeeeze. If YOU were standing anywhere "downrange" at a shooting gallery, you'd have so many holes in ya that you'd look like a sprinkler bought from your fav Menards! Doh.

Gus said...

I guess that's why range rules are that no one is to stand within a certain distance of a metal target.

It's more than interesting how general the reports of the deputies on the line were. I don't recall reading any distances from targets or from one another in any of the reports that Cal Skinner published.

Maybe I should FOIA them myself.

Or would I get yelled at?