Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Reichert Chevrolet - going (or staying)

Last Saturday I telephoned the General Manager of the Woodstock Reichert Chevrolet dealership to ask what they had heard from G.M. about keeping the G.M. franchises. He was out and one of the sales managers took a message and said he'd call me back.

Today the Northwest Herald carried a long article. Reichert didn't make the cut and was not among the 661 dealerships given a reprieve by G.M. A week earlier G.M. had announced it was mailing letters to those who would get a second breath of stale air.

I stopped at the dealership late this morning for this photo. I was amazed at the empty sales lot. But then I read further in the Northwest Herald article, in which John Reichert said they had 20 cars on the lot and "The Woodstock lot looks OK."

No, the lot looks like they are out of business (but they aren't). But, if you are in the market for a great looking yellow Corvette, it's sitting there and waiting for your check.
Mr. Reichert says they can order specific cars for customers. So, if you want good, local, hometown G.M. service, go in and buy your car from them. They can search dealer inventories elsewhere and pick up what you want. Then you'll get Reichert (Reichert, Reichert) sales and service.

Good luck to the Reichert group in its quest to twist G.M.'s arm and continue its franchises.


The Madd Bulldog said...

My friends' exoerience w/Reichardt blows.. so good riddence.

Notawannabee said...

I wouldn't send my worst enemy there. What a den of thieves.

antony_stephens said...

Neither of you know what you are talking about. I work at Reichert Woodstock and I have been in this business for ten years. This is the most respectible and fair dealership that I have ever worked at. If you had a bad experience then I do apologize for that on behalf of Reichert Woodstock. You should however not make us look bad just cuz you had a bad experience. Maybe you should give us another try, our competition (and you know the dealers I am referring to) are much worse! Profit is not a bad word however the others will stick it up your tailpipe! Our service dept. has had good customer satisfaction since we opened! Ask around Woodstock and you will get more than a favorable answer on where they would come to service or purchase their GM vehicles.