Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kill this anti-gun bill

Today is the day to call your Illinois Representative in Springfield and ask that s/he vote against HB5849.

This bill is designed to undermine a 2009 decision by the Illinois Supreme Court, when it decided last year that the center console in a vehicle fit the requirement as a 'case' (or "container") as proper storage of a firearm in a car. That decision, Illinois v. Diggins, made it possible to carry a gun in your car for your defense. Unloaded, probably, but you could have a clip or speedloader handy, so that you'd be ready and capable of defending yourself within 2-3 seconds.

This bill in the State legislature would requir a "case" to be "designed for the SAFE (emphasis added) transportation of firearms."

This moves the bill language into an impermissible realm of discretion, depending on what a police chief, county sheriff or prosecutor decides is "safe". What kind of case? hard? soft? locked?

To me, "safe" means in my hands, not in the hands of a criminal.

Call today and ask your Representative to vote against HB5849. Then follow up and find out how he or she actually voted!

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