Monday, March 15, 2010

NWH Comment period - too short?

What do you think about the two-day policy of the Northwest Herald for allowing comments to online articles?

Its recent cell phone article was drawing many comments and continuing discussion, right up to the cut-off. The article, posted on March 13 at 1:30AM is listed today as one of the Most Commented, and comments were cut off by 10:00AM this morning. A few last-minute comments did sneak past the 1:30AM deadline.

One of the ways for the Northwest Herald to attract interest and readership is to allow comments for more than two days. Another way is to allow readers to read articles for more than a week. The Daily Herald has neither policy.

A good way to drive readers away is to continue two recent policy changes: 1) archive articles after a week and charge readers $2.95 to read them; and 2) cut off comments after two days.

The paper is sending publishing to its competitor's presses in Schaumburg, sending 25 employees to their doom. How many readers will just go elsewhere for news?

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The Madd Bulldog said...

Commentary time is too short, but I dont know what a good timeframe is for that.
Hey-- perhaps YOU could start charging for blog responses to your blogosphere? Lets say 10 cents for every comment, or 25 cents for every comment you dont like but post anyway??? At that rate, I'd have to take out a loan to pay you off!!! DOH!

Debra said...

I don't mind the two day time frame so much. What gets me is the ban on allowing comments on local crime stories. Also, the inconsistancy of the rules. Some days you can comment on a story and some days you can not. They need to get it together!