Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Zinke - next Woodstock PD Chief?

A nasty rumor has begun circulating that Mayor Sager might have a card up his sleeve named Zinke.

Nothing could be worse for the Woodstock P.D. than for the losing candidate in the McHenry County Republican Primary in March to be hired as Chief of the Woodstock Police Department.

Sager and Nygren favorite Jose Rivera may recently have gone on a junket to Mexico. Rivera had close ties to Nygren and is rumored to have carried a badge and ID card connecting him to the McHenry County Sheriff's Department. Is that where this scheme was cooked up?

Let's hope the taxpayers of Woodstock didn't pay for Sager's trip. What possible benefit for the City of Woodstock could there be in paying for its mayor to head south on the taxpayers' dime?

Let's think of some reasons for Zinke NOT even to be considering for the top cop job in Woodstock.

#1 A picture is worth a thousand words:

#2 Zinke plastered a magnetic sign on a County squad vehicle with his name and title as Undersheriff, in an obvious politically-motivated ploy to put his name in front of a lot of voters in one parade. No other deputy, supervisor or command officer has done that, and Zinke pulled that dumb stunt and got away with it, because Sheriff Nygren looked the other way.

#3 Zinke failed to activate the Major Investigations Assistance Team (MIAT) at the time of the County's first murder in May 2011 or, days later, when a triple homicide occurred near Marengo in June 2011.

Rather than choose Nygren's political favorite for a City position, the Woodstock City Council would do well to examine carefully whether there is a rising star in the Woodstock Police Department who has paid his dues and worked hard to learn what's best for the City. And it's the CITY COUNCIL that should make the decision, NOT the Mayor. Do they have the "intestinal fortitude" to stand up to him?


Jim Jones said...

I don't know if this IS a rumor, or something you made up , but I think it's a brilliant idea. Since there weren't enough people who weren't lazy enough to get up off the couch to actually vote for the best man for the job of sheriff, Woodstock would be smart to hire a professional educated
Life-long police officer as their

Big Daddy said...

Lol. Jim, the best man for the job was elected.