Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What's this??? !!!

Take a look at one of the new toys at the McHenry County Sheriff's Department. Did they really buy this or work a deal with the Feds to get it from over-stock?

What rationale could MCSD possibly have for picking up one of these? Who would ride in it, anyway?

Is this what a Commanding Officer would use to respond to the scene of a violent crime?

Would he first drive to the lot in his regular assigned squad car and pick up the keys to the "special" vehicle?

What are operating costs for such a vehicle, even if it was free?

Does something like that get about 5 MPG? Or maybe 5 GPM?

Somebody's big ego was behind it. Whose?

What's the new fuel-savings plan at MCSD? Converting the gasoline engines to what? Will this gas hog be converted?


Big Daddy said...

Gus, you don't seem to get it. How will they play Army if they don't have the toys?

Jim Jones said...

It's a military version of an OLD H-1 Hummer, nothing more. I would guess that they'll probably get rid of MARV and replace it with this. I also would guess it would be used as a TAC vehicle. NWH reported today that some vehicles may be converted to natural gas (read propane), which is old technology really and COULD be savings. Hard to tell.