Monday, May 26, 2014

Thomas M. Novak - who?

Who is the Plaintiff in one of the most recent cases filed against Sheriff Keith Nygren?

Thomas M. Novak is the father of a minor boy who was arrested in October by McHenry County Sheriff's Department deputies, after one of them observed him late at night walking along River Road near Burnett.

The Complaint reads that the deputy observed young Novak as intoxicated, even before the deputy exited his patrol car. How does a deputy "decide" that a person is intoxicated before he has even approached him?

Novak was apparently injured while being detained and then was not treated for his injures. Bad move by the Sheriff's Department.

At least, in the Pavlin case, both Pavlins were treated for the injuries they received at the hands of the deputies at their home.

The three deputies at the October scene on River Road are not identified in the Complaint.

Novak, through his attorney, has requested a change of venue, stating that he cannot get a fair trial in McHenry County.

Gee, why would he think that?

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Unknown said...

The only reason to have it moved is because Mr. Novak has a long history of filing law suits. His son has a history of violence and they both have a history of substance abuse. McHenry County isn't biased they are just aware. As am I.