Monday, May 26, 2014

Farewell, Woodstock

On Thursday I flew back to Chicago to pick up my motorcycle. The flight was delayed three hours, due to crew shortage, and the United Express flight had only five passengers. It felt like a charter!

After a ride on the 'L' to Jefferson Park and a Metra to Crystal Lake, I picked up the bike and had a few final rides around Woodstock. And Sunday morning, as I started back south, I had clear roads and light traffic all the way to Parkersburg, W.V.

And I do mean clear roads. Never before had I experienced such light traffic and smooth traffic flow through Chicago and Indianapolis. Through Chicago traffic slowed only once in the Loop for an accident on the inside shoulder, and in Indianapolis everyone was already at the Speedway for the 500, and there was little traffic on I-865 and I-465 around that City.

It may rain tomorrow, but it'll be warm for a 400-mile ride south on I-77.


Clem Kadiddlehopper said...

Good luck and best wishes.

I left Woodstock for the South years ago. Never been happier.

Gus said...

Thanks! I've already found that there really is Southern Hospitality.

Now to find some good barbecue!