Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Be alert for scammers - always

The Citizens Alert Social Media Network in Marengo provides the following message to warn McHenry County residents of a scam that is targeting the Marengo area. And maybe other areas that police are slow in announcing.

"Earlier this week I received a phone call from a man stating he was from Microsoft Tech support and he was calling to inform me that my computer had been communicating with Microsoft because it had errors or a virus that they needed to clean up. Well, I'm no fool so of course I did not grant him access to my computer. Sadly though many people would, especially the older generations, that don't understand how easily someone could hack into your system when provided with certain information. I notified my mother-in-law who also lives in Marengo, and wouldn't you know, she received a call the next day, from the same scammers. I did some research and found that these scammers take people for hundreds of dollars for "tech services" that never occur and they mess with their computers. My husband and I did notify the police department but, as you already know, there is nothing they can do. They did however verify that they have been getting multiple calls of the same nature. That is why I am notifying you. You are the only person I know of that can reach so many in the community to warn them before they are victims."

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