Saturday, February 8, 2014

Gun confiscation coming to Illinois?

If you wonder why the gun-owning public in Illinois is worried, especially after the concealed-carry law (ripping your privacy and confidentiality rights) was passed last July 9, just take a look at this new piece of legislation filled as House Bill 4715 by Illinois State Representative Kelly M. Cassidy (D-14).

If you want to pay her a visit, here's her contact information:
Rep. Kelly M. Cassidy
5533 North Broadway
Chicago, IL 60640
(773) 784-2002

Cassidy's Bill is a "Registration" bill. Who thinks it is a pre-cursor to Confiscation? All together now, say, "I do."
    Creates the Firearms Registration Act. Provides that every person in the State must register each firearm he or she owns or possesses in accordance with the Act. Provides that a person shall not purchase or possess ammunition within this State without having first obtained a registration certificate identifying a firearm that is suitable for use with that ammunition, or a receipt demonstrating that the person has applied to register a suitable firearm under the Act and that the application is pending. Provides that the Department of State Police must complete a background check of any person who applies for: (1) a registration certificate for a firearm that was lawfully owned or possessed on the effective date of the Act, was brought into the State by a new resident, or was acquired by operation of law upon the death of the former owner; or (2) a renewal of a registration certificate unless, within 12 months of the date the renewal application is submitted, the applicant passed a background check conducted by the Department in connection with the applicant's acquisition of another firearm. Provides exceptions. Amends the Criminal Code of 2012. Provides that it is a Class 2 felony to sell or transfer ownership of a firearm to another person without complying with the registration requirement of the Firearms Registration Act.

Now I could make a lot of snide comments about Cassidy after reading his legislative bio on the State website, but I won't. She is obviously a gun-hater. Is she anti-Second Amendment? Is she trying to destroy the Constitution and the United States from within? Does that make her an "enemy from within"?

She is an elected officeholder who should be dumped at the next election. The only way to dump her is for people in her district to get busy now and rally around a strong candidate to run against her.

You know? Maybe she's a nice person. Maybe she's just ignorant and unaware. She is obviously not "stupid". If she took the time to think through "Registration", she'd realize that when the Gestapo comes for guns, they know which houses to go to first.

If Illinois passes her Bill, there won't be anything left in my residence but the dust!


Big Daddy said...

Gus, she is just another ignorant, northside liberal that doesn't have a clue. But she will win re-election because the idiots that live up there are the same idiots that voted for her the first time and will vote for her again.

Here's something that I find funny. Lakeview. It's on the north side of Chicago. The beast has discovered that Rahm is pulling all the police from Lakeview and sending them south and west to fight crime. Meanwhile, the beast is traveling to the same Lakeview area that is now short of Police and pillaging and plundering. As an example, beat 1924, an area comprised mainly of young and old urban white pioneers has the highest robbery rate of any other beat in the city. Think about that. A robbery rate higher than Austin, Fillmore, South Chicago, Engelwood or any other place in the city. That is almost unbelievable. Well, in a normal place anyway. Yet, while all these robberies are taking place, Rahms house on Hermitage is under round the clock police protection. Yet these same people that live in Lakeview will vote to re-elect Rahm and Rep. Cassidy as well which is my point.

Gus, NEVER,EVER underestimate the intelligence of the voters in Crook County.

Big Daddy said...

One more thing Gus. Thirty one years in a major big city Police Department and I have never seen one single crime prevented or solved by gun registration.

Big Daddy said...

One more thing Gus. I will NEVER register any of my guns. Never!

Gus said...

In January 1989 I moved to L.A. Aside from not liking the new job or the traffic or the people, I learned there might be a gun registration law. I had four pistols with me.

I left L.A. and California 4½ months later!