Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tax Watch - can you make a difference?

Check out today's article on McHenry County Blog about the cost to Algonquin Township property owners to operate their mini-government. Cal Skinner published annual payroll information for the fiscal year ending May 31, 2013.

By the time you read the short article, you'll probably be thinking that you married into the wrong family.

One commenter lays out the relationships among the Miller clan Township employees, even though some have different last names. More disclosure of this type is needed throughout McHenry County.

Another commenter calculated that the Miller family interests received $399,993.31 in total compensation from the Township. He wrote, "They are making bank!" Nah, they own the bank!

Within the last week I received a mailing from Mr. Abolish Townships, Bob Anderson. Visit the website for McHenry Citizens Tax Watch at www.mchenrycitizenstaxwatch

Seriously consider mailing a generous donation to Bob's effort. In fact, don't "consider" it. Mail it! He has been fighting townships for years and hopes they will be abolished in Illinois. He needs your help. Your "donation" is not tax-deductible. Mail it to the organization, c/o 5515 E. Lake Shore Dr., Wonder Lake, IL 60097.

Want to help? Email Bob at (that's an "L", not a "1"; think Wonder Lake) or call him at 815.653.7699 (at his barber shop) or at 815.653.9865 (home).

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