Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bus it to IGOLD, March 5

Such a deal! Where else could you arrange to leave Woodstock (free parking) and four hours later be in Springfield, Ill.? Enjoy conversation with like-minded people, have coffee and donuts, snooze for an hour, and arrive, rested and relaxed at the Prairie State Convention Center.

Then spend a day at the State Capitol and wind up with a relaxing, comfortable ride back to Woodstock, with liquid refreshments aboard, pizza (small extra charge; maybe $5), and see your car come into sight at 9:30-10:00PM. And all without having to put a pedal to the metal. For just $40.

Join up with the McHenry County Right to Carry Association ( and the McHenry County Sportsmen's Association ( for this year's IGOLD - Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day.

Do you think IGOLD this year is not important? After all, Illinois has its concealed carry law (430 ILCS 66/ ) now; right?

Now it's time to fight off the anti-gunners and Chicago Democratic liberals who are still trying to grab your gun rights. Like Illinois State Rep. Kelly Cassidy, from the north side of Chicago, who filed a bill (HB 4715) recently to require registration of your guns. Guess what, folks. That's a big step toward confiscation!

Just as importantly, if you value your Rights and still want to carry a concealed, loaded (or even unloaded) firearm, you had better take an interest in rescinding Section 30(b)(3) of the new law.

This is the section that requires you, merely upon application for a concealed carry license, to waive your "... privacy and confidentiality rights and privileges under all federal and state laws..." Read that again!

Not just your rights so that the Illinois State Police can get at any psychological, psychiatric or other mental health or institutionalization records, or criminal records. Your privacy and confidentiality rights and privileges under ALL federal and state laws...

Whether you are pro-gun, anti-gun, or "I-don't-give-a-shot" person, you should demand of your elected State Representatives and Senators why they put that one over on the public.

I understand that Illinois Sen. Kwame Raoul may have had something to do with it. Perhaps that's why his office has not returned my January 27th call yet. I called again yesterday. I imagine they are enjoying a paid day off today (Lincoln's Birthday) and looking forward to another paid day off on Monday (President's Day). I'm trying to find out exactly who is responsible for the wording in Section 30. And I'll keep trying to find out.

Make your reservation to ride an IGOLD bus from the Woodstock VFW on March 5th by going now to  Reserve your seat and pay your $40 via PayPal right on that webpage. Then be on time for the 6:00AM bus.

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