Monday, November 1, 2010

Scared Republican at courthouse today?

This morning I was visiting with a supporter of my campaign for sheriff, and we were sitting in his vehicle in the parking lot at the courthouse. As we sat there, a man approached the driver's side and sneered at the magnetic campaign signs. When the driver asked him what he meant by his remark, "Stupid", the man made an unkind remark about me. I believe he could not see that I was seated in the passenger seat.

I walked over to the front of the courthouse building and asked him if he'd like to talk. He was a large guy, more than stocky, bordering on obese, and dressed like a seedy Chicago-style detective. The kind of guy you wouldn't want to sit next to in a bar or meet in a dark alley. I was trying to read his lapel button, which might have been a union button or some other membership button.

As he approached the front door, I asked his name, and he said, "Cal Skinner." When I laughed at his answer, he said, "Mike Mahon."

Who was he? I'll lay money on his being a Nygren supporter, and a scared one, at that.

Hey, buddy. It's just an election campaign. You don't have to try to start a war.

I called Cal to tell him I had just tried to speak with him at the courthouse door, and we both had a good laugh over that one. Of course, Cal put me to shame (again!) by asking, "Did I take his picture?"

When will I learn??? By now I should be always ready with my camera. I'm learning, Cal; I'm learning!

No doubt the guy made some remarks to the court security staff as he passed into the building, possibly even heading to an office on the second floor. Or was he in a foul mood because he headed to a courtroom, where maybe he'd have to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Or "testilie."


JK said...

I know who it is.....

Gus said...

Come on, J. Out with it.

The guy's demeanor said to me that he is a bully. Give us the name, and let the opinions roll in.

Unknown said...

Bully! I say bully. I think the Bully did more than call you Stupid. What else did he call you? Maybe if you tell us more of what he said, we can tell you who he is?

JK said...

I will give up the name when you tell the full story word for word.

Don't be a chicken and hold anything back........