Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wolf Camera closes in C.L.

Photo - courtesy, McHenry County Blog
Heading over to Wolf Camera in Crystal Lake today or next week? Maybe to buy a new camera? Or pick up some film? Or photos?

McHenry County Blog reports that this store has closed. Your pictures will be in Vernon Hills for pick up (or call 847.918.0400). Their tasteful sign includes, "Thank you for allowing us to be part of your lives and memories."

That was a good store, staffed with professional, knowledgeable people. Unfortunately, today buyers do not reward that. They might go to this store and "shop", then buy their camera at Best Buy or online. Result? Another one bites the dust!

Are customers still willing to pay for quality service? No.

The only thing I saved from my 18 years in the life insurance business was a slogan on an 8 1/2 x 11 card from Northwestern Mutual. "In the beginning there is price; in the end, there is cost." This is true, whether you are buying life insurance, cars, cameras or anything else.

I bought my Rollei many years ago at Schiller's in St. Louis, a professional photographer's store. Got good advice and, while I paid a little more, I got value.

I bought my Nikon 35mm camera at a professional photographer's shop on Broadway in Denver, right next to Carl Swanson's gun shop (did business there, too, and also at David Ferretta's music store, also on Broadway). Paid a little more for quality service and advice; it was worth it.


Ray said...

Gus, don't you think that the demise of this store was caused by the fact that most cell phones have a digital camera of very good quality built in?

This is probably not the place to beat up consumers for choosing a cheaper option .... it doesn't fit.

And secondly ... Best Buy will be going out of business soon too.

It's not about quality v. cost. It's about dinosaur meeting asteroid ...

Gus said...

While cell phones are great for quick pictures, they aren't for recording family events and important pictures.

Of course, they are a "camera" that you can get past the security guards at the courthouse and into the courtrooms. Just don't get caught taking pictures in the courthouse.

Ray said...

They are great cameras period. I would be tough to match 8 meg pixels with any camera (any camera with any amount of money) you could buy 10 years ago.

As I said, the camera industry has changed, and selling photography equipment is not a viable option for 95% of that industry ...

When the environment changes, you go by the way of the dinosaur, if you are a dinosaur...

It has nothing to do with quality and caring.