Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Red-light cameras - Woodstock?

Should Woodstock install red-light cameras?

If drivers made full stops at red lights before turning right, these cameras would not be needed. Since they don't (or won't), should cameras be used? What if red-light cameras could be mounted on mobile units, like the radar trailer?

In the past week I've spotted many good locations for red-light cameras:

Northbound 47 at U.S. 14. (It could also nail shoulder users.)
Eastbound 14 at 47.
Eastbound Lake Ave. at 47.
Northbound 47 at McConnell Rd.
Westbound Country Club Rd. at 47
Northbound 47 at Irving.

Video observation of other major violations, such as violating the two-way, left-turn lane for a long distance to then enter a left-turn lane (northbound 47 approaching Lake Ave. and northbound 47 approaching Judd St.) would be a great way to catch violators who won't do that, if drivers can see a squad car sitting in sight.

And, speaking of the radar trailer, why isn't it in use on the streets of Woodstock, instead of placed in the P.D. parking lot to promote a race at Emricson Park?

A terrific place for the radar trailer would be on southbound 47, just south of 14.


Anonymous said...

Gus, you're the only person I've ever heard speaking positively about red light cameras. Bravo.

Gus said...

Thank you. Properly used (with correctly-timed yellow lights), it is good, efficient technology.

Steve said...

Check out that "radar" trailer, Mr. Gus... I think you'll find that it's a electronic construction zone sign. No radar involved. It's just sitting there announcing an upcoming event... Terrible! Oops, that's what it's supposed to do.

Is there no limit to your ignorance?

Gus said...

Right you are, Steve. I did confuse the electronic sign trailer with the radar trailer.