Wednesday, June 27, 2012

NIXLE waste

Is it totally unnecessary for the McHenry County Sheriff's Department to waste its time and resources and the time of the public to tell people to "Stay cool w/ the upcoming High Temps..."

Frankly, I don't need Big Brother to tell me something I've known for 70 years.

Do they think they are improving their image in the minds of the public?

Every year, every summer, it gets hot. That's what happens in the summer.

Somebody over at 2200 N. Seminary - perhaps Sheriff Nygren (if he is anywhere around) or Undersheriff Zinke - is responsible for these stupid messages. Next time you see them, tell them what you think.


Steve said...

You really need to get out more, Gus. You go on and on like a little old... no, won't say it, wouldn't be prudent.

What IS your problem? By ANY definition this is a public service. NIXLE as you well know is FREE to the sheriff's department. If you are so smart that you don't need to be advised of precautions, then hit delete.

Actually, I'd almost be willing to bet that somebody at the health department drafted this or maybe they have been given access to the sheriff's account. I don't know, I don't care. The one thing that is probably for sure is that information such as this does ABSOLUTELY NO HARM - other than having you braying about the sheriff, Zinke, anyone else at 2200 N. Seminary Av.

Go out and run laps in the heat, why don't you? We probably won't miss your insightful commentary.

Gus said...

Steve, thank you for your kind remarks and your suggestion that I get more exercise.

Here's the point - when the MCSD sends out useless NIXLE message, the public stops paying attention to them. Then, should an important one come along, the public will probably miss it.

Ray said...

Umm, no Gus, when MCSD send out a useless message, many can see if the system works ... others can be encouraged to track it, and in the case of a real emergency --- many will be informed. It's like testing the Emergency Broadcasting system.

I kinda agree with Steve.