Sunday, June 24, 2012

Please vote - every day (until June 29)

Jeep is running a contest, and a friend in Columbia, S.C. needs your vote.

Jeep's contest is its "6th Man" Contest, recognizing six men and women. Steven Diaz is Director of Strategic Outreach for Professional and Vet Peer Counseling Services, Hidden Wounds, of Columbia.

Check out Hidden Wounds at

For the contest, go to this page in Facebook:

It's a little tricky. Play the video for Steven Diaz, then click OK to close the video (Note: that "OK" is not your vote!) Then zero in on the small circle under Steven's picture and click there. That's your vote.

You can vote every day until Friday. Please do. Hidden Wounds is in line for a $20,000 donation from Jeep. Hidden Wounds is doing incredible work with returning veterans.


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