Saturday, June 23, 2012

Nygren - 50 years in LE?

Undersheriff Andy Zinke's 2012 political promotions include statements that Keith Nygren will retire as McHenry County Sheriff in 2014 "after 50 years in the police service".

Correct me, if I'm wrong. During the 2010 McHenry County race for sheriff, didn't Nygren claim 42 years of employment in cop work? Even at that time some readers could add up only 38 years. But let's give him 42, for purposes of arithmetic.

If Nygren will have "50 years" in 2014, that would mean he got started in 1964; right? Where was Keith in 1964?

But in 2010, when he claimed 42 years of cop work, that would mean he started in 1968. Where did those other four years come from?

Is this what's called the "New Math"?

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