Monday, June 25, 2012

A winning statement

On Cal Skinner's McHenry County Blog today, Cal wrote, "Nygren said that Zinke 'will be the best sheriff we ever had,' according to the article" and "The price is $30."

He's talking, of course, about Zinke's next fundraiser for his 2014 run to be the next sheriff. When was the last time somebody ran for office around here and started raising money 2 1/2 years ahead of Election Day?

One commenter to that article said, "He calls the Greg Pyle pedophile problem a 'domestic issue'." I'm not sure whom "mighty mouse" means by "He": Nygren or Zinke?

Is there anyone in McHenry County (or elsewhere) who thinks that ten counts of predatory criminal sexual assault against a child (under age 13, and related) are a "domestic issue"?

In his January 8th email to command personnel, which directed them to disseminate "to to" (sic) department staff, Undersheriff Zinke, over Keith Nygren's name (signature), informed them of Pyle's arrest and charges. It's a rather bland, soft-soap, boiler-plate message and includes "Bond was posted and Greg is currently on administrative leave."

Conveniently, Zinke/Nygren failed to inform personnel that Pyle was placed on paid administrative leave. He also referred to the ten (10) charges as "multiple" counts. And notice how he refers to Pyle as "Greg". Just one of the boys. The good ol' boys. Our friend, Greg.


Then he tosses more vomit at the troops. "Different types of family issues affect all of us."

No, Keith and Andy, they do not!

And then Keith (or Andy) suggests use of the Employee Assistance Program. What a joke! Are they setting up a mental illness defense for Pyle?

And then they write, "Please join and share your prayers for those affected by this case..." This is law enforcement; not church.

Can you believe that garbage? This, from the sheriff of a county of 320,000! A man who claims that he'll have 50 years of cop work when he retires in 2014.

Zinke says he has served the people of McHenry County for 22 years "happily, compassionately and with honor".

What does Jimmy, the Greek, have to say about when Nygren's last day at MCSD will be?

Comments, anyone?

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