Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cop rage by Texas deputy

Dallas County (Tex.) Sheriff's Department Deputy Westbrook deserves to be arrested and charged with assault and battery. Check out this story and video, which are circulating widely, thanks to the internet. The Huff Post video (link below) has been edited.

The motorcyclist's video (above) is about 11 minutes of uninterrupted prove to Texas-style law enforcement.

On Memorial Day week-end Chris Moore was out for a motorcycle ride with buddies, when Deputy Westbrook pulled him over. Watch how Deputy Westbrook loses control of himself and manhandles Moore. Watch especially how, in anger, he shoves Moore into the patrol car and slams the door, probably on Moore's leg or foot.

Bet they'll learn how to spell l-a-w-s-u-i-t over that traffic stop.

Keep in mind that, in Illinois, a helmet webcam with voice recorder would be illegal. You can't record voices without permission, even if you are being threatened or hurt.

Watch the longer video of the complete traffic stop. Note that many motorcycles were traveling faster than the one who got stopped. Also, notice the other deputy's improper maneuver from the inside lane to the exit (at 6:15 into the video). That deputy (Car 8302 ) stopped in the inside through traffic lane and then worked his way over to the exit, endangering many drivers who were forced to stop unnecessarily. Be sure to notice the humor on that deputy's face while the motorcyclist was being arrested.

This is true Texas-style cop work. Major attitude. Illegal arrest. Dangerous driving. I lived in Texas for six months and hated it.

Westbrook is a shameless bully, and the other deputy isn't much better. Sheriff Lupe Valdez must be really proud of Westbrook!

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