Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pickle Palooza Poll

Many thanks to the 49 readers who participated in the Pickle Palooza Poll, where the question was "Did you go to Pickle Palooza?" Pickle Palooza was an entertainment program sponsored by Claussen Pickles (of Woodstock, Ill.) and the Woodstock Chamber of Commerce on June 8-9.

Of the 49 respondents 8 (16%) indicated that they did, and 41 (84%) indicated that they did not.

The local weekly paper printed a scorcher of a letter from a Woodstock senior citizen. She wrote to Claussen and quickly received a reply. She also wrote to the Woodstock Chamber of Commerce and is still waiting for its reply.

A letter from a Chamber member and business that provided numerous volunteers reflected a positive point-of-view. This second letter was published also in the weekly local newspaper.

If you have suggestions or thoughts about whether the Pickle Palooza should continue, let the folks at Claussen and the Chamber hear from you.

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