Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What? No police department?

Name one town in New Mexico that has no police department.

Name three disgraced town officials.

That town is Columbus, N.M. It's a small town that closed its police department because it could not afford the $300,000 tab to keep it running, when the town (the whole town) had only $62,000 in the bank. The town is spitting distance from the Mexico border, if there is a strong south wind.

The three officials? The former mayor, the police chief and a town trustee were among 10 arrested, plus one wanted fugitive, in March 2011.

You can find the 2011 news article through a link on www.McHenryCountyAdvocate.com

The Luna County Sheriff's Office was providing law-enforcement services to Columbus, as of last fall.

A more complete Fox News article describes the crimes that led to charges - mostly, gun-running. I wonder whether Fast and Furious was involved. One gun dealer sold about 200 guns to the defendants and is himself a defendant.

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