Friday, June 29, 2012

Lake Ave. arrest - Thursday night

Last evening (Thursday) a deputy in an unmarked white McHenry County Sheriff's Department squad car made some kind of a stop at 508 Lake Ave., Woodstock. A woman driver was arrested and taken to jail.

A rollback tow truck was called to remove the woman's vehicle, and the unmarked squad was parked behind it with its overhead lights activated.

Behind it was a Woodstock Police squad car. I heard a dog bark, so perhaps it was the canine unit. Perhaps Woodstock Police assisted with an exterior "search" of the vehicle by Brinx, Woodstock's drug dog. The overhead lights were activated, but the engine had been turned off. When the driver re-entered the car and tried to start the engine, it cranked hard but wouldn't start in several attempts. It may have started later, or perhaps it was towed. The officer may have tried to conserve fuel by shutting off the engine. That's commendable, but a police car needs to start when the key is turned.

A second County squad car showed up for transporting the arrested woman to jail. She was cuffed in front, which was considerate of the deputy. After being searched, she was placed in the rear seat of the second County squad car. The door was carefully closed by the deputy, unlike the door closing method of Dallas County Sheriff's deputy that has gone viral. Then the deputy returned to the first car to move her purse to the squad car that would transport her to jail.

The sheriff's department may or may not issue a press release on that arrest and tow.

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