Friday, June 29, 2012

Timothy Smith trial now Nov. 26

There was to be a court date on Monday, July 2, and a trial was to start on July 30. And before that, the trial was to be in May. And before that, back in December, Timothy Smith's attorney, Assistant Public Defender Kim Messer, told the judge that she didn't need any more court dates before the May trial.

Timothy Smith is accused of murdering Kurt Milliman, who died on May 29, 2011, after being shot in Smith's residence just outside Woodstock late on Saturday night, May 28. Smith has been staying at Hotel Nygren since then.

Since there was a court date scheduled for Monday, at which a Motion could have been presented to move the trial date, why was a motion filed for an appearance today? Was this an attempt to slide under the eyes of the reporters and family?

The VineLink system isn't reliable for alerts regarding events involving inmates. That is an electronic notification system which, once you have registered, is to notify registrants of court dates, releases, etc.

Don't you just have to wonder at the "games" being played when court dates are postponed and target dates for trials are missed? According to the Northwest Herald today, Smith's attorney "... recently received information regarding gunshot residue analysis but is waiting for other test results, such as weapons and ballistics analysis" You know, like there is some doubt that a certain weapon was used. Yeah, sure... But back in December, she didn't see any problem with a May court date? I guess the judge wasn't curious about that at all.

The paper says that the prosecutor objected, but the judge allowed the delay.

An interesting game should be underway as to whether Timothy Smith's trial should precede or follow his wife's trial. Kimberly Holian Smith was present when Milliman was shot, and apparently the Smiths tried to concoct a story and delayed calling for help. Are the Smiths adversaries in this case? Will each be trying to save his own neck?

Why hasn't Kimberly Smith been charged with greater offenses?

How long did the Smiths delay before calling? That hasn't come out yet. Had they called police immediately, might Milliman have lived? And, had he lived, what would his side of the story have been?


Rilo815 said...

Your a joke with a lopsided opion and as with most you don't possess all the facts or just omit them to support ur view. He didn't die on the scene he died several hours later after undergoing surgery. Why don't you try to just try to tell the full truth not just your version of it.

Gus said...

Rilo815, I am aware of the approximate time at which Kurt Milliman was shot and that he died a few hours later in the hospital.

Maybe you'd like to fill in some blanks; for example, how long did Timothy and Kimberly take to try to hash out a plan? How long did they wait before calling 9-1-1? What really happened that night?