Monday, June 25, 2012

Square patrol

Back on May 1 the Woodstock Police Department issued a press release about increased enforcement around the Woodstock Square. It read,

"The Woodstock Police Department is conducting special enforcement operations in the Square and downtown area of the City. While the Officers are enforcing all laws, particular attention continues to be focused on disruptive behavior that takes away from the public’s enjoyment of the Park in the Square and the downtown business district of Woodstock. Special enforcement operations will focus on violators who are in possession of open alcoholic beverages, minors smoking, groups blocking public sidewalks, individuals that are disorderly in their conduct and other violations pertaining to the downtown area.

"The goal of the special enforcement effort is to ensure the safety of the public and to re-educate the public on local laws that have been put in place to preserve the Woodstock Square.

"Recent arrests have been made for public consumption of alcohol, disorderly conduct, minors in possession of tobacco, blocking public sidewalks and a number of traffic violations.

"Any citizen that has noted any problems in the Square area is urged to call the Woodstock Police Department at 815-338-2131."

Do you visit the Square or the Park in the Square late in the afternoon or in the evening? What is it like? Do you feel safe there? Is it enjoyable to be there? Do you take your kids there?

What about walking around the Square and on the streets adjacent to the Square? Any problems?

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