Thursday, June 3, 2010

Reckless in Crystal Lake - G20 5628

I just love reckless drivers in heavy traffic. They really aren't going anywhere, no matter how much of a hurry they are in.
The young woman driving this grey Chrysler Sebring LXI southbound on Walkup Road in Crystal Lake at about 5:20PM was in a big hurry in slow-moving traffic and decided to bust around me on the right, by using a right-turn lane to pass me. Then she cut back in and immediately applied her brakes to avoid hitting the car in front of her, which had been in front of me.
I was looking hard for a Crystal Lake cop, but one was nowhere to be seen.
Anybody know her? Or her parents? Illinois license plate G20 5628.
Daddy might want to take her keys away for 30 days and let her walk off her impatience, before she hurts or kills herself and her passenger.

After turning left onto Terra Cotta (Route 176), she disregarded the 30MPH speed limit eastbound.

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