Monday, June 28, 2010

Nov. 3 - a new sheriff in town

When the sun comes up on November 3, 2010, the morning will be extra bright, because there is going to be a new sheriff in town.

What will happen that day? Will Keith open the office and welcome me to my new digs - the office of the sheriff that will officially change hands on December 1?

Or will Keith already have purchased his ticket to Cape Coral and be on the way to O'Hare Airport, leaving behind instructions that no one is to enter "his" office?

Will Undersheriff Zinke be in charge for the month of November and be the only one to have Keith's cell phone number, in case there is an emergency requiring the sheriff's decision?

Based on Keith's behavior in the parking lot of the Jewel-Osco last fall, I won't be surprised at anything. Except nothing will be a surprise.

Let's just hope that any requisition for a new shredder gets lost or that anyone with backbone at 2200 N. Seminary Ave. grabs the scissors and cuts the cord to it.

Remember for whom to cast your vote on November 2. Choose the single candidate who is a citizen first, cop second.


Independent Voter said...

Gus, the only thing your candidacy will do is ensure votes are taken away from Mahon.

You are not running a real campaign. I haven't seen you at any events. Do you plan on participating in any of the upcoming parades? You haven't had one fundraiser. Your blog isn't going to win you an election.

If Mahon loses by 1000 votes and you get 1001, how are you going to feel knowing it's your fault that Nygren is still in power? The only thing you can accomplish in this election is to HELP NYGREN defeat Mahon.

Save yourself the stress, aggravation and the disdain of the people who now like and admire you. JOIN THE MAHON CAMPAIGN and help overcome the tyrant.

Gus said...

And how will Mike Mahon feel, should his votes cost ME the election? Will he be the spoiler? Hey, I was in the race first. Tell Mike that a Dem doesn't have a chance in McHenry County in the race for Sheriff.

You actually don't know what I'm doing with my campaign.

Frank said...

Oh Gussy- "You actually don't know what I'm doing with my campaign."

Shouldn't the voters know?

tiredofthenonsense said...
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Independent Voter said...

You sound like a 2nd grader.
"I was in the race first"? Come on. Do you think a Green Party candidate has a chance at Sheriff. You don't actually think you are going to get more votes than Mahon do you? By running as a Green Party candidate you ruined any chance you may have had. You should have ran as a Republican or did the work and ran independent. You chose the easy way. While Nygren, Mahon and Seipler went out to get hundreds even thousands of signatures you got what, 40. You could have been on the ballot with an (I) behind your name. The way I see it, you are either a true Green Party goof ball or a lazy Republican with a big ego. Which is it? Two elections without a challenger and now when there is a chance to beat the Bully we have to worry about the Green Party candidate. Wonderful!

Gus said...

I.V., you write as if Nygren, Mahon and Seipler just went out to get hundreds of signatures because they wanted to. Wrong; they HAD to. You and I both know that, if I had run as a Republican, I would have ended up right where Zane did - off the ballot.

I chose a legal way to get on the ballot. It's not whether the Green Party has a chance for the job of Sheriff; it's whether I have a chance.

Independent Voter said...

Your logic doesn't make any sense, Gus. You say a "Dem" can't win then you say, "It's not whether the Green Party has a chance...". You don't want to end up like Zane, "off the ballot", if I remember correctly Zane was on a ballot, a ballot he had to work hard to get on, and he lost. It seems like you find great accomplishment in being on a ballot. Nygren is bad. Many of us know this. Maybe just enough people know this to beat him. I just pray your desire to be on a ballot doesn't keep Nygren in power for another 4 years.

Gus said...

There were some disenchanted Republicans who had asked me to run in the Primary as a Republican - they even said some money and some legwork might show up to support me.

On my own, I learned that, if one runs in a Primary and loses, he's out of the race! Period! Cannot get on the November General Election ballot.

My choice was to avoid that trap.