Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Beth Bentley missing poster

A new poster is being circulated in southern Illinois, as efforts continue to locate Beth Bentley, 41, who has been missing since May 23.
Nothing has changed since initial reports that indicated no use of credit cards or her cell phone. Beth has just vanished.
Many commenters on Facebook and Websleuths websites are concerned about foul play, rather than voluntary disappearance.
Persons with any information are asked to contact the Woodstock Police Department at 815.338.2131, which may be the lead investigating agency since Beth was reported missing to them late on May 24th. Email can be sent to WPD Chief Robert Lowen at or to Det. Sgt. Kurt Rosenquist at
If you submit a lead or tip by email, you may want to telephone to confirm its receipt. In my case, I have sent several emails to the Woodstock Police Department that have resulted in no acknowledgement whatsoever. They were not returned as undeliverable, so I have to assume that they were received. It would be appropriate for even a busy detective division secretary to acknowledge receipt of every communication.
Reports can be made to other agencies, including the Mt. Vernon Police Department (618.242.0380) and the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office (618.244.8004). Tips can also be directed to the McHenry County CrimeStoppers hotline at (800.762.STOP). This toll-free number may work only in Illinois and possibly only in northern Illinois, not state-wide.
If you have a tip that involves a location in southern Illinois, I recommend providing it to all three agencies.


Another Lawyer said...

Your kind of a sleuth ... so I have a question. How do they know that all of the credit cards are quiet. How would they know all of the credit cards Beth might have had.

This case may swing a little deeper than you might think.

Gus said...

I have wondered from the start whether she had a stash of mad money or access to some cards that were not "family" credit cards.

I imagine it's difficult, but not impossible, to open credit card accounts in different names and even with fake Social Security numbers and other ID.

I've also wondered if any access Beth might have had to ANY accounts has been carefully investigated.

Another Lawyer said...

My point is that this case has always had more to it than the media has relayed. Websleuths can only deal with what they know ... or better said, what is knowable.

It is as likely that Beth had other cards and a throw away phone as not.

This matter is still up in the air, there is no clear direction whether Beth was harmed or she is voluntarily missing, and ruminating on insufficent information about the case really doesn't help solve it.

I think about this case everyday, but with holes in the facts, it is perplexing and impossible to draw a conclusion.

I hope every day that some break comes but days have past and nothing happens. This is very difficult for everyone who knew Beth.

Gus said...

Obviously, civilians (even family) don't have access to information that investigators must have unearthed. The detectives will see the holes in the stories and would be expected to fill in the blanks.

A very big hole exists around the issue of voluntary or involuntary disappearance, and they ought to be able to close that gap and indicate to the public which it is more likely to be.

There is a point after which you don't "cover" for a friend, and that point has been in the rearview mirror for many days.

Another Lawyer said...

True that.