Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Plinske leaving - no surprise

MCC Interim President Kathleen Plinske will be leaving at the end of June, according to an article in the Northwest Herald this morning. Apparently, she submitted her resignation by email. Is this like breaking up by email or texting? I guess it beats having to beat the butterflies in the stomach into a flying pattern and walk in and resign in person.

Well, I'll tell you; MCC deserves to lose her. Who said last week, "I hope she stays." That person might as well start hoping that the sun will rise in the west some morning.

Why would she stay? So that she might get selected in 2-3-4 years, when MCC is again looking for a President?

Look at the choices that MCC has from its final candidate selection. OK, so accuse me of age discrimination... The finalists are ages 56, 65 and 62. This guarantees that two out of three of them might bail pretty quickly. The Northwest Herald might as well keep the "Another President Leaves" headline close by on the shelf.

It can't be that MCC had a dearth of candidates. How many applied for the job? Maybe many, if they didn't do their homework and wonder why a community college has had a revolving door on the president's office.

I think I would mounted Plinske's nameplate on the door with those special screws that won't back out and told her to do her best.

We still don't know why Walt Packard was shown the door or why Ron Ally and Larry Tyree packed up their personal items and left the president's office so quickly.

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