Monday, March 1, 2010

Grafton Trustees bite Moore

You may have been following the snit (OK, well; more than a “snit”) between the Grafton Township Trustees and Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore. Check out the entire statement by Grafton Township Trustees LaPorta, McMahon, Murphy and Zirk, as published at on February 26.

The Trustees object to being locked out from the Township’s copy machine and stapler and at the Supervisor’s refusal to detach herself from the Food Pantry, which is completely independent of the Township. Apparently, since it is called the “Grafton Township Food Pantry”, Supervisor Moore think she has something to do with it. These Trustees say she doesn’t.

They have some pretty mean things to say about Supervisor Moore’s regard for legal advice she gets with which she doesn’t agree. Read it for yourself.

How do you keep yourself from hearing bad news? “She has also now dismantled her e-mail account, making it harder to contact her.” Are they back to smoke signals in Grafton Township?

And how about keeping the clocks running in the lawyers’ office? “When Linda receives a legal opinion she does not like, she disregards it, even from our current Township law firm which she, herself, selected and proposed at three meetings until we accepted them. When she is told she cannot legally do something she wants to do, or that she legally must do something she does not want to do, even by the attorneys she selected, she simply hires a different attorney. Then she complains about legal fees.”

Toward the end of their 982–word statement, they clobber Moore with “She needs to learn that a Supervisor is not a Dictator, and that collaborative efforts will get her farther than slapping, pinching, biting, or her current lock out policy.”

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