Saturday, March 13, 2010

Emergency drill at Turning Point

This morning's paper carried a notice of an emergency drill at 11019 Route 14, which is the address of Turning Point (although Turning Point was not mentioned in the notice).

A Crystal Lake resident told me today that she had felt great concern as she passed Turning Point and saw all the emergency vehicles there. It was only at the end of the drill zone that she saw a roadside sign about the practice taking place. She didn't give me the wording on the sign.

Were there warning signs for east- and westbound before reaching Turning Point to alert drivers that it was only a drill that was in progress?

If so, that's evidence of considerate planning for those passing by, so that drivers don't extensively rubber-neck the scene as they pass.

If not, well, that'll be a story for another day.

Did anyone pass by and see any warning signs as you approached Turning Point?


ƒraπk €ra¢kþ¤††²™®© said...

As if anyone pay attention as you drive, you would have seen warning signs at the entrance of the frontage road and a sign by the police car at the other end. Put down the cell phone or what ever other distraction keeps you from driving safe.

Gus said...

My, my, my. Touchy, aren't you?

I read the announcement in yesterday morning's paper. I'm sure you'll be delighted to know that I did NOT dust off my Press Pass and drive over to take a look.

Next time, I will. And I'll tell the officers that you sent me.

Frank said...

Press pass???? Thats funny stuff there Gussy!!! You are not the press remember? You don't get FOIA stuff like the real press does!

Gus said...

It's not the Press Pass that gets me the FOIA stuff. It's a $0.44 stamp or a little electricity to fax a request.

I get plenty of FOIA "stuff". Sometimes I have to appeal initial denials. And now there is the Public Access Counselor at the Illinois Attorney General's office, before you have to darken the doorway at the McHenry County Circuit Court.

ƒraπk €ra¢kþ¤††²™®© said...

Im surprised you didn't stop by. You could have met your boy Nygren and told him how bad he is at his job and how you could do it better. Your candidacy still gives me a laugh.