Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Here's a question for you...

Should a salaried employee of a municipality be able to leave work during normal business hours and attend meetings in another governmental jurisdiction, receive payment and mileage for attending those meetings, and be able to keep that compensation?

Or should the employee be required to turn over that compensation to the town or city which is paying for full-time employment?

Thoughts, anyone?


Cal Skinner said...

And the identity is....

Gus said...

Well, since you asked...

The one and only Janelle Crowley, HR Director of the City of Woodstock and Chairperson of the McHenry County Sheriff's Department Merit Commission.

There are times when she even has to hurry up Seminary from a staff meeting at City Hall to the her "job" at the Merit Commission.

I'm waiting for the Woodstock City Manager to let me know if City employees are required to fork over such compensation to the City.

Just said...

Since it appears that either the city is going to ignore (wonder why that would be) or you chose not to print something that might clear this up, I will toss this into the mix and see what you do with it.

First, I went to the sheriff's department website and learned that the members of the Merit Commission are all volunteers. To me, that suggests that there is no compensation - other than having contributed their services and that would mean that the "compensation" is received by the public, rather than the other way around.

On the flip side, my guess and it's only that but likely far more accurate than some of what you post, is that Ms. Crowly is a SALARIED employee of the city. Salary is fixed and remains fixed regardless of whether one works 30 hours a week or 70 hours a week. The criteria is "is the job being done?" I hardly think that she's sneaking behind the back of the city council, the mayor, the city manager, etc. to attend a monthly meeting at the sheriff's office. Are you standing by with your stop watch when she attends city council meetings into the wee hours? Are you of the opinion that the city of Woodstock is on the losing end of the proposition when she spends a Saturday or an evening (assuming she does) administering exams, interviews, etc for the merit commission?

And what's with up with "There are times when she even has to hurry up Seminary from a staff meeting at..." Innuendo? If she's speeding Gus, say so. Don't stoop to such tacky innuendo. Let us think of you as something better than a sad, muckraking, old man with nothing better to do with his life than create controversy and dissension. You do hit the mark with some remarkably interesting pieces of information that the public should know about and which sends shivers down the spines of the bureaucrats but remember, even a broken clock is right twice a day. Your record is only slightly better.

I doubt that you will post this response to this undeserved attack on a merit commission member but understand that you're fooling very few people. Those that cheer you on do so for the comedic value and those that feed you suggestions of what to put out do so for their own purposes. You either can't see that or are fine with it. That's on you!

Gus said...

Just, thanks for your comment this morning.

The Merit Commission article is based on first-hand information; no one fed me anything.

Merit Commission members are not volunteers; they are appointed by the sheriff. They are paid $75.00 for each meeting they attend, and they can request reimbursement for mileage for Merit Commission functions. If you get paid, you aren't a volunteer.

Seventy-five dollars is insignificant; it's the principle.

As for "hurrying" up Seminary, nowhere did I infer she was speeding. There is a City staff meeting she attends before the 10:30AM starting time of the Merit Commission. At least one Merit Commission meeting was canceled because her City staff meeting ran over. The time and travel of the Merit Commission members (and members of the public) who showed up and were kept waiting was wasted.

Merit Commission income would be Form 1099 income, resulting in Federal and State income taxes and possible Social Security taxes.